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Established in 2009, the Outdoor Activity Coordinator helps organize all of the 'active' events sponsored by the CSGSA. In the past, this has included EECS Softball, surfing trips, hiking trips, volleyball, assassins, and Oakland A's games. If you've got an activity you'd like organized, contact the Coordinator. There might be some money in the budget!

Potential Upcoming Events

  • Surfing trip 2.0
  • Hike on Angel Island
  • Paintball
  • Go-carting
  • Bay water activities, like sailing or windsurfing lessons.

(Some) Past Activities

  • June 2011 No Glove No Love continues as the official CS softball team
  • May 2011 Hiked all over Mount Tam
  • August 2010 Sponsored No Glove, No Love, the CS softball team
  • October 2010 Joint EE/CS surfing trip to Pacifica, CA
  • 2010 Hiked Mt Diablo
  • 2009 50 grad students saw the Oakland A's
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