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Industry Liaison Committee

The duties of the Industry Liaison Committee are as follows:


  • Arrange CSGSA co-hosting of several infosessions each semester, through the department's Industrial Relations Office ( The list of infosessions are available here ( and used to be available here ( Be sure to look here early and often!
  • The IPRO contact is Rachel Schafer.
  • Arrange CSGSA co-hosting of infosessions by talking directly with contacts with companies. Bear in mind that companies are supposed to be industrial members ( of EECS at the ILP level or higher to hold infsessions in Soda/Cory Halls. It isn't clear how much this is enforced.
  • Try to have co-hosted infosessions that are EECS grad specific, e.g. with information about careers in industrial research labs; general infosessions are also valuable, e.g. for funding purposes.
  • Once the CSGSA is listed as the co-host, IPRO should order food for the infosession or else the company will itself if they have special requests. Ask IPRO/the company whether we can be of help with this.
  • Once the CSGSA is the co-host, in the thank-you email to them, ask for the "co-hosting fee" that is usual for all student societies co-hosting infosessions. They should pay it, IPRO asks them to in general. Ask the President/past committee members for the going rates. Checks should be made payable to "Berkeley CSGSA" and sent to "CSGSA, Computer Science Division, Berkeley, CA 94720-1776". The mail will arrive in the student mail room in the CSGSA mail slot.
  • Check that the room is reserved.
  • The company may post "swag" to hand out to people, offer them the address of your office and hold it there until the day.
  • If the company has flyers for the event, IPRO will print them out (in color if necessary). Put the flyers up around Soda and Cory Halls (especially Soda). For ugrad events post: in Cory post around 2nd floor on the plastic panels by the doors using sticky tape and also in the ugrad lounge off of the north corridor; in Soda post especially in the 3rd and 4th floors, and also in some of the computer labs on the 2nd. If a grad-only, concentrate on Soda floors 3-5. Private events can be advertised in the Buyers' Club. Rachel will have up-to-date advice on where to post.
  • Send out announcement emails to the ugrad/grad lists, as appropriate, well in advance. Send out reminder emails a few days before, then again on the day. If it is a grad event, tell your friends about it and try to get a good turnout.
  • Arrive early to help the company and IPRO setup. Most usually: you'll need to set up chairs in the Woz (from the side room), move tables out of the way/set them up for food -- sometimes they'll have specific directions; wait for the food delivery and sign for it; get the portable microphone for them; get their laptop working with the projector.
  • During the presentation you may need to "guard" the food, e.g. make sure people take only 2 pizza slices at a time. Sometimes the company will want the food held until the presentation is over, so that students don't leave early. This is up to your judgment and their directions.
  • After the presentation clean up all food/debris. Move furniture back to how you found the room when you started.
  • Make sure you follow-up on the co-hosting fee, sometimes it isn't sent before-hand

Industry sponsorship

  • Industry sponsors donate money to the CSGSA (not including co-hosting fees).
  • Maintain a good relationship with current industry sponsors, e.g. emailing to check up on them, letting them know what we're up to.
  • Involve the sponsors in special events e.g. lounge opening, etc.
  • In general make sure most CSGSA announcements thank the sponsors by listing them, make sure the website frontpage mentions them, look for opportunities to acknowledge sponsors at events and in the lounges.
  • Consider other benefits the CSGSA can offer sponsors e.g. infosessions, resumes (ask previous committee members and the President).
  • Seek new industry sponsors.
  • Work with other committees to find opportunities for the CSGSA to work with industry, particularly the social committee.

Experiences in Industry Panel

  • Ran in 2008, a very successful panel series with speakers from industry
  • In 2008 three panels were arranged each with 3-4 speakers
  • Speakers were either research scientists from industry with several years' experience or had successful startups; many also taught at universities
  • Some thoughts for next year: more gap between each panel
  • For details see the Experiences in Industry Panel Series
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